Prints on
Julie-made Paper
Portals Genesis Nature

Many of these have fiber from the plant depicted.

These portals give you many opportunities to move on.

Julie takes us to the beginning of time.

Julie presents her view of some of nature's wonders.
Peace and Serenity
Ti Dance Jazz Images Water

You will find tranquility in these pieces.

The ti plant dances its sacred dance.

Jazz you can see and improvise.

Water can be seen in a new way here.
Small Watercolor Monotypes Giclees Flights of Fancy Eclectic

These small pieces are fun, inexpensive original art.

Two images available only as giclee.

Julie's mind soars to these places.

Images that don't fit the other classifications.

Julie's site has over 130 works in 12 categories in a range of media which includes intaglio etchings, woodblock prints, monotypes and oil paintings. You can see them all by clicking on an image of your choice at the left or from the pop-up menu under Portfolio above or in the footer of each page.

Julie is now creating mostly monotypes filled with color, rhythm, and style seen first in her mind, not as the result of viewing a scene. Her work shows feeling, is more emotional than intellectual so, if you can invest a personal attentiveness, you will be rewarded with music for the eyes and fully experience what is being communicated. Her work is an improvization, as in jazz, in partnership with the viewer. So, please join in, and enjoy this site.